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What We Believe


Delta: The True Force to Reckon With

We believe in delivering world class professionals and IT solutions with a focus on quality and cost-effectiveness to enhance the performance of people and productivity. This understandably is our mission statement.

Our processes are streamlined to make us the quoted standard in customer satisfaction and technological innovation.

Work Process  [More]

At Delta our work processes are exceptionally sleek and we pride on delivering to our clients what we promise. We draw on our experience in the international work place to make the best practices available. At every stage we keep you informed of our progress and maintain clear communication channels.

The Delta work Process  [More]

  • Assembling all facts and information

  • Research for additional information

  • Analysis and Brainstorming sessions

  • Formulation of strategy

  • Detailed planning

  • Analysis of risks

  • Quality parameters

  • Testing and simulation where required

  • Execution

  • Monitoring

  • Fixing

  • Project closeout

The Delta Work Process Advantage for you  [More]

  • Personalized attention to every client and his/ her requirement. At Delta we believe that every problem requires individual attention and that the out-of-the-box solutions may not the best possible answer in a dynamic market.

  • Pool of highly trained and professional manpower. The strength of Delta comes from our professionals who are experts in their technical fields as well as expert in interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Strict maintenance of Quality and Time Lines. We understand the importance of your ventures so ensure that there is nothing lagging from our end in either deadlines or Quality.

  • Open Communication Channels. Delta has a clear communication line with you so that you are informed of the current status and also can give your feedback.

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