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Siebel Systems Inc. 15 Jun 2005 released a new version of its hosted application focusing on collaboration and segmentation.

We work on the eighth release of CRM OnDemand since it debuted a year and a half ago and the fifth Siebel release in the last year.

New functionality includes group calendaring and task management to consolidate schedules in a team structure and balance workloads.

New collaboration tools in Siebel OnDemand 8 allow users to create customized groups, such as a sales team, which can share accounts, contacts, opportunities and calendars between members. A social networking feature allows users to track business and social relationships amongst their customers.

Additionally, a segmentation wizard has been added to OnDemand 8 that helps users break down their customer base for targeted marketing. Customers can be segmented by buying patterns or demographics. For example, users can send out an e-mail offering a 10% discount to their best customers.

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