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Onsite/Offshore Product Development


The Delta product development system works seamlessly across critical product development processes. We draw on our seven years of expertise, efficient process management system and process methodology to give on-time, on-budget and impeccable enterprise solutions. These can either be off Shore or onsite

Our Product Development Cycle reduces the time and resource spent for a business process to take place, and eliminates functional bottlenecks in today's distributed market environment.

We use technologies to ensure the best advantage to our clients. Our Product Development System works around a flexible architecture to manage interdependencies

Onsite/Offshore outsourcing translates into immense opportunity for our clients. Direct communication with Delta is maintained through the onsite center and the benefits of the offshore development can also be simultaneously taken.


Outsourced / offshore

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Development of Detailed Specifications
  • Testing and fixing
  • Cyclic Reviews
  • Critical Support and Implementation
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Feedback & Audits

The characteristics of our product development process:

  • Process Driven Approach

  • Efficient and Experienced Project Management

  • Round-the–clock (24/7) availability and support for speedy response and delivery

  • Centralized Quality Control to ensure uniform standards

  • Cost Efficient Flexible Pricing

This ensures a seamless workflow across product development processes and a smooth transformation of inputs into outputs.

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