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Why Delta?


Delta brings your IT imagination to life. We ensure that your projects are completed successfully and on time… every time, from anywhere.

As a client and technology oriented organization Delta brings to every project:

  • Quality personnel
  • Cost effective services
  • On time service delivery
  • Reliable solutions
  • Project commitment

Our Team [More]

IT Team Delta consists of professionals with advanced knowledge & expertise in various technologies, industries & technical subject areas.

Since our employees are our ultimate asset and reflect the quality & performance of our services Delta puts in serious effort in recruiting & retaining only the best IT professionals in their field.

Staffing Team [More]

Our widely experienced staffing team works closely with the management to keep abreast with our clients dynamic IT needs. To ensure quality parameters, Delta’s staffing team implements uniform and superior quality control by analyzing every process minutely and matching it to the client requirement.

Our quality control methodology [More]

Step 1: Prospective employees are interviewed by technical subject matter specialists.

Step 2: All qualifications & skills are evaluated.

Step 3: References are checked to verify resume claims.

Step 4: A personality & technical profile is developed & analyzed.

Management Team [More]

Our management team consists of highly experienced IT managers with professional experience in leading organizations. This diverse exposure enables them to identify the client’s business needs & provide them with quality solutions.

Beginning of the Assignments [More]

Delta’s orientation at the start of the assignment is fabricated to seamlessly align contract employees with the rest of the team by:

  • Explaining the parameters of the job: all tasks expected as well as deadlines.
  • Overview of the “big picture” implicated in the project.
  • Our onsite employees will welcome change & are more likely to fit in quickly & make meaningful contributions.

During the assignments [More]

  • Active participation of on site personnel in all relevant meetings & process improvement activities.
  • Prompt & regular follow up & documentation of feed backs for review.

End of the assignments [More]

  • Our onsite employees ensure all objectives are met.
  • Consolidate all functional specifications & product methodology documentation.
  • Conclude discussions on any issues that may arise for future enhancements.


At Delta, we are committed to delivering "qualified candidates" in a timely fashion. For this we utilize all the resources of our office along with internal (other Management Recruiters International)) and external colleagues (Network, Job sites, Head Hunting Groups) to fuse an ever-growing database. And with the most sophisticated search tools available you can be assured that we will meet your specifications (including compensation) with candidates who are committed and qualified.



We provide timely qualification of candidates, professional relocation services, and a sophisticated job profiling and analysis system. All this adds up to selecting the "right fit" candidate with as little risk and cost as possible for your organization.


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