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Executive Coaching

The overriding mission of any company is to fully utilize its human capital in ways that will enable the firm to successfully meet the challenges of today’s global economy. Our four-step ‘Executive Coaching’ program will allow your firm to remain focused on today’s key-result areas while at the same time, prepare your management team for tomorrow’s challenges.

Our consultants bring international business experience to the coaching experience. Strengthening management skills, improving leadership skills and focusing critical thinking skills are just a few of the skill sets your team will master.

External Customer Survey

The definition of ‘quality’ begins with customer expectations and ends with customer satisfaction. Therefore, any quality program must focus the organization on the customer’s perception of how well it is doing in terms of its customer focus.

This diagnostic assessment involves wide-ranging, open-ended interviews with selected customers. Interviews are conducted by telephone for convenience, ease of administration, and to reduce cost. Customers to be interviewed are selected in consultation with management.

The survey is designed to result in measuring not just ‘how satisfied’ customers are, but also identifying specific examples of ‘why’ customers may be dissatisfied with specific aspects of the organization.

Project Management

Action Management Corporation provides the most advanced and thorough project and program management services for clients in both the public and private sectors. We have managed and successfully completed some of the most complex and managerially demanding projects in the country. We apply a complete management system to your project, which assures completion on time and on budget. We ensure the long-term viability of your project, but we do not become a part of your permanent staff


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