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Payroll Management


Our direct placement services allow the client’s HR team to utilize their time in manner more efficient and productive to the success of the organization

We understand on many occasion organizations must have a certain amount of in-house knowledge and therefore do not require contract staffing services. However, many times that may not be the case. DELTA Staffing can benefit your team in the following ways:

  • Reduced Hiring Costs - Our clients benefit by reduced hiring costs from tracking fees, guarantee periods and background and drug tests. In essence when providing the direct placement services we become an extension of our clients’ Human Resources Department.
  • Understanding your Environment – In our process, we strive to fully comprehend how the right candidate will fit into the organization, what type of environment he or she will be working in, what personality types will be interacting with the right fit and what types of non-technical attributes the ideal candidate will possess.
  • Get the Right Fit - DELTA conducts personal interviews that consist of a full description of the client company, its goals, its environment, the specific job opportunity, growth potential within the company, and expectations of its employees.
  • Increased HR Utilization – with DELTA, we serve as a liaison between the candidate and client during the negotiation process, even extending and closing offers on behalf of the client.
  • Risk Management - Who tracks when your guarantee period expires…?? At DELTA, we track it for you. With our policy, our clients do not receive an invoice until the candidate has completed their full guarantee period.

Payroll services

How can DELTA Staffing save your company money through our payroll services?


We feel as though this is a courtesy to our clients- therefore we maintain a low markup percentage for payroll business. We are here to be flexible and help you to reduce costs in this area.

DELTA Staffing’s back office processes are streamlined, reducing operating cost, thus reducing cost to payroll a W2 or Independent 1099 Contractor through our firm.

DELTA has two models available for pay rolling contract personnel:

Option 1 - Independent Contractor Payroll

DELTA can payroll the independent 1099 contractor provided that they carry the appropriate insurances. If one does not possess the appropriate insurance coverage, DELTA Staffing can recommend an insurance broker who has a package specifically set up for independent 1099 contractors.

Option 2 - W-2 Contractor Payroll

DELTA can payroll the contractor as a W-2 employee with full benefits coverage (medical & dental).

Our commitment

We will make the necessary investment to learn your business objectives in order to ensure that our employees exceed your expectations.

Business Practices

We work diligently with our business partners to craft solutions that will be successful and allow our clients to meet their objectives within the context of their work environment

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