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Delta Culture


At Delta we are committed to

  • Keeping our promises to build stronger ties with our clients.
  • Adaptability to meet the changing needs of our clients and the market to respond with appropriate solutions just.
  • Bringing together intelligent and hard working professionals.
  • Consistency in our efforts to provide only top quality services and competitive & value added solutions.

Delta’s code of Ethics  [More]

At Delta the following acts and omissions are treated as employee’s code of misconduct:

  1. Willful in-subordination or disobedience, whether alone or in combination with others, to any lawful and reasonable order of a superior.
  2. Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the employers goods or property
  3. Taking or giving bribes or any illegal gratifications
  4. Habitual absence or late attendance without leave or absence without information
  5. Habitual breach of any law applicable to the establishment or any act subversive of discipline
  6. Habitual negligence or neglect of work
  7. Riotous or disorderly behavior during working hours at the establishments or any act subversive of discipline
  8. Frequent repetition of any act or omission
  9. Striking work or inciting others to strike work in contravention of the provisions of any law, or rule having the force of law
  10. Sexual harassment which includes such un-welcome sexual determined
    1. Physical contact and advances or
    2. Demand or request for sexual favors or
    3. Showing pornography or
    4. Any other un-welcome physical, verbal or non verbal conduct of sexual nature.

Necessary action will be taken against the staff in case of misconduct and/or violation of company ethics. A statement setting out in detail the reason for such action shall be supplied to the staff as per the company policy.

Confidentiality  [More]

Delta Employees during the course of employment or at any time after it ends abide by the following confidentiality dictates:

  • Non-disclosure of Company information for any purpose other than in the course of working for Company
  • Non-disclosure of any information Company has received from others which Company is obliged to treat as confidential or proprietary
  • Keeping confidential proprietary information which is circulated within the Company and its related companies via its electronic mail system or otherwise, save where such information is already in the public domain, or where Company has expressly given permission to disclose such information.
  • Non-disclosure of any information to anyone inside Company except on a "need-to-know" basis.
  • Without the express permission of Company or any other relevant related company, remove or assist in the removal of Confidential Information, in whatever medium it is recorded, from the premises of Company or any related company.

Previous Employer Information  [More]

During your employment at Company you will not use improperly or disclose any confidential or proprietary information or trade secrets of your former or current employers, principals, partners, co-ventures, clients, customers or the suppliers of the vendors or customers of such persons or entities and you will not bring into the premises of Company any unpublished document or any property belonging to any such persons or entities or their vendors or customers unless such persons or entities have given their consent. You will not violate any non-disclosure or proprietary rights agreement you may have signed in connection with any such person or entity.


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