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Enterprise Knowledge Portal


An enhanced Enterprise Information Portal (EKP). EKP

  • is goal-directed toward knowledge production, knowledge integration, and knowledge management.
  • focuses upon, provides, produces and manages information about the validity of the information it supplies,
  • Provides information about your business and meta-information about the degree to which you can rely on that information,
  • Distinguishes knowledge from mere information,
  • Provides a facility for producing knowledge from information
  • Orients one toward producing and integrating knowledge rather than information.

We have outlined our position on this issue in "Enterprise Knowledge Portals Revisited," Enterprise Knowledge Portals: What They Are and What They do", "Enterprise Knowledge Portals and e-Business Solutions",

The Enterprise Knowledge Portal is an application on the verge of development. The technology it requires is in existence now. The cost of its development is low as software applications go, since its implementation is largely a matter of systems integration. On the other hand, the benefits associated with the EKP are great. They are nothing less than realization of the promise of the EIP to achieve increased ROI, competitive advantage, increased effectiveness, and acceleration of innovation.



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