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End User Training and Documentation Services


The services in End User Training and Documentation are:

  • Change communication support to help employees learn and adjust to changes in work patterns.
  • Employee education designed to meet the needs of adult learners.
  • On-going support to ensure employees is proficient with the new technology.
  • All the services are well designed with motive of helping clients to generate the highest return on their investment.



  • All support material is relevant as well as role-specific to the subject. Also tailored content and support material is easily maintained and distributed.
  • Encourages ‘self-help’ thereby reducing burden on helpdesk and need for expensive classroom-based training.
  • Enhances staff confidence and motivation.
  • Support the learning needs of new starters.
  • Tools are highly interactive.
  • Intranet based course material.
  • Mitigate adverse business impact of event-based change.
  • Maximize and maintain employee performance.


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