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Delta Business Solutions = A Guiding Force

The economic and business environment today is dynamic and constantly changing. Companies have to upgrade with the times to succeed. Efficiency of businesses can be greatly improved if processes are streamlined using IT solutions.

At Delta, we offer to our clients various ingenuous solutions to cater to their mission critical and non-competitive processes. With our vast experience in the area of business process functioning we have experienced professionals leading teams dedicated to add value to enterprise, on site or outsourced.

Added to this is our robust infrastructure and setup in various locations. The resources available to our professionals are state of the art and are constantly updated. Due to our multiple locations these resources are multiplied and are used for all our clients to ensure best service practices.

In these uncertain economic times if your need is Consolidation or Globalization or Deregulation, if you are looking for new business models or want to meet the ever changing customer expectations Delta is the force to provide a guiding hand.

We are committed to developing, implementing and maintaining viable solutions to meet our client’s needs on a 24/7 basis to ensure that their businesses remain at the cutting edge of commerce..

Our Business Verticals include:

1. Banking & Finance
2. Retail (FMCG)
3. Manufacturing
  a) Automobiles
  b) Mining and metals
  c) Petroleum, refining, and petrochemicals
  d) Airlines
  e) Transport (Railways & Roads)
  f) Shipping and Ports
  g) Medical equipments
  h) Pharmaceuticals
  i) Other products
4. Insurance
5. Telecommunication
6. Government
7. Health

Banking & Finance  [More]

In the complex world of finance and banking it is profit which matters and cutting costs without compromising on quality is the key word that drives businesses.

We offer solutions based on our technologies to streamline processes and transform legacy systems which in turn lead to better decision making. This helps to root out inefficiencies in the processes and maximize profits and opportunities at the cutting edge of money.

Retail (FMCG)  [More]

Retail and FMCG has some of the most intricate challenges in the shifting business environment. These include retention and expansion of the customer base and most importantly the reduction of costs.

Delta offers solutions based on integrated technology to get better returns form your retail business.

Insurance  [More]

The face of insurance is fast changing with emerging economies rethinking their policies. If correctly interpreted, this results in valuable returns and revenue generation.

Delta uses its expertise in technologies and solutions to leverage this potential to the advantage of our clients. Behind our foray into insurance is the experience of our core professionals in the global workplace. With our constant investment in new techniques we are able to restructure solutions to the current needs of the client

Telecommunication  [More]

We believe that the future lies in telecommunications and we are prepared to meet it yesterday! With intense competition and constant innovation in this sector it is important to cater to each section of this enterprise in minute detail whether it is the wireless world or radio planning.

The Delta approach to telecommunications combines the best of new technologies as well as experienced and dedicated professionals to innovate as situations change and to streamline operations. So whether it is channel integration, provisioning, network and infrastructure management, new application enablement, web enablement or any other requirement of this sector Delta is ready to stand by you.

Manufacturing  [More]

As with all industry, manufacturing too is changing its face. What was once an enterprise solely driven by heavy machinery now needs to keep competition at bay by streamlining its processes with well researched IT solutions.

Delta has expertise in a whole range of technologies to offer you the correct solution to optimize your processes.

Not only do we cover various manufacturing industry, we tailor make solutions for specifically for each domain-specific application. With the advanced supply chain optimization, process controls and end to end solutions we help you to address key business and production needs..

Delta deals with industries like:

  • Automobiles

  • Mining and metals

  • Petroleum, refining, and petrochemicals

  • Airlines

  • Transport (Railways & Roads)

  • Shipping and Ports

  • Medical equipments

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Other products

Government  [More]

Delta has extensive experience in handling projects for government agencies in the USA. We have successfully handled the IT requirements of these agencies to their complete satisfaction. We work closely with the contact persons to provide innovative as well as very flexible solutions to deliver best value for your staffing needs and other requirements. The Delta commitment to government work comes with a competitive time of completion, high level of service delivery, customer satisfaction and above all cost reduction.

We understand the special needs of the government sector and have experience in working our solutions to their requirements.

Health  [More]

At Delta we understand the complexities of the modern health care world. On one hand there is an increase in consumerism on the other there is also increase in government regulation. Simultaneously, healthcare is rapidly changing as new advances in the medical world with biotechnology and bioinformatics overtake us. This requires deep understanding of both the medical world as well as IT to give competent solutions and services in this area.

We offer Web enabling of healthcare practices as well as technologies and services in the area of Bioinformatics. Data-warehousing and mining services and specialized Project/Program Management are also areas where association with Delta will benefit this industry.

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